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Warm up this winter with colour.

Creating atmosphere starts with colour and ends with your home's finishing touches. Find out the best colours and warm up every room with a colourful new look.

Book in your FREE DESIGN CONSULTATION with the Hamilton team on 07 847 2571 or the Whitianga team on 07 867 1545.



Change your home into a sanctuary.

Create the right moods with the right colours. Home or office consultations are available with J L Connolly.

Call our Hamilton experts on 07 847 2571 or our Whitianga experts on 07 867 1545 to book.



Going on a mid-winter getaway? Come home to a fresh new look by the J L Connolly experts.

We can prep, paint or wallpaper and clean up while you’re on holiday. How nice would it be to extend your vacation with a new look.

Call the experts for a free home or office consultation on 07 847 2571.



What better way to show off your prized architecture, luxurious furnishings and statement pieces, than having expertly applied décor.

The team at J L Connolly offer a wide range of decorating services, including interior design and colour consultancy to really make your home sing!

Call now for a consultation on 07 847 2571.


painters wanted gibstoppers wanted

Experienced Painters Wanted!

Due to our desire to employ only top quality staff, we are currently seeking Foremen with the necessary experience to further enhance our team of quality painters. These positions would suit painters who are currently in a position of responsibility for other staff or are presently self-employed and seek a change of direction in your future.

We are also looking for a quality Gib stopper to join our team.

If you are keen to start a career with Waikato's largest eco-decorator contact John Aukino on 027 444 8105  or Ross Fleming on 027 431 9511.


we'll paint while you relax

Take a true break this summer – let J L Connolly repaint your house as you relax on holiday.

J L Connolly have the perfect tonic for a stress-free holiday this summer. While you're enjoying the sun and surf, come back to a fully repainted house.
No paint fumes, no mess, just a beautiful fresh look for the new year. Call us today on 07 847 2571 for Hamilton or (07) 867 1545 for Whitianga.



Having an expert redecorate takes on average 1/2 the time it takes your spouse!*

With a perfect finish and great colour advice let J L Connolly look after your next décor update.
Call the colour experts today on (07) 847 2571 for Hamilton or (07) 867 1545 for Whitianga.

(*unless your spouse is a painter. Disclaimer: All claims made are exaggerated and dependent on your spouses’ individual skill level.)



Give your home some sunscreen this summer and protect it from UV rays.

The team at J L Connolly know the UV protectant coating best suited to your home. Apply today, save tomorrow.
Call 07 847 2571 to speak to our team.


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Our team on the Coromandel Peninsula can spruce up your beach house, inside and out, in time for the summer holidays! 

For more information, call today on 07 867 1545 to speak with our Whitianga team or 07 847 2571 to speak with our Hamilton team.



Seamless finishes, sleek designs, skilled colour experts. Discuss your interior transformation today!

Call 07 847 2571
to express your desires to our skilled team today. Revitalize your home.



2015 design trends: Ombré Look & Chevron Prints

A world of colour is waiting for you; the only limit is your imagination. Call us today! Interior design specialists





Harness the positive effects of colour. Use JL Connolly Painters to ‘Mood your Rooms’
Calm, cheer, drama and comfort, 65 years of expert mood experience




Warm up this winter with a fresh coat!


By partnering with Resene’s professional colour consultancy and interior design specialists you are in expert hands!

A fresh coat of paint can warm up any room.


Call J L Connolly to spice things up! Paint, wallpaper, interior design, you call the shots!

We partner with Resene’s professional colour consultancy and interior design specialists – to make sure we set the right mood for the right room. With expertise to tap into you are in excellent hands.

Set the mood, re-paint!



Calling the lady of the house! Guests coming to stay?

Impress with a fresh paint job in the kitchen or bathroom before winter sets in!

Be brave! Be bold!


J L ConnolLy Ltd Painting Contractors - Hamilton

Welcome to J L Connolly Ltd - Painting Contractors

Since 1950 J L Connolly Ltd have been servicing Hamilton and the greater Waikato in all aspects of the painting and decorating industry.

We have painted and maintained numerous Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Educational properties throughout the Waikato... Read more




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